Herrish's Story

The world of Herrish, and its vague and mysterious past…
A past forgotten, but always telling its tale…
A land divided, broken, scorched, and crumbling… ten beings of great power stood to combine their efforts for a better world…

Ten heroes stand on a crumbling bluff, overlooking a distraught field. The first, a young woman, runs down while trailing green and blue behind her. The second runs down the hills, bringing with him creatures of different sizes. The third runs down the hill, creating valleys and canyons. The fourth leaps into the air, bringing with her the winds of change. The fifth and sixth chuckled as they brought liquid fire from the ground to create more land. The seventh seemed to whisper life as sound burst from every tree, animal, and drop of water. The eighth walked calmly through the vallies, creating quarrels between species. The ninth seemed to stop these quarrels, with only a few words or even a glance. The last, sitting on the edge as he overlooks the other’s work. He smiles softly as he steps down, walking slowly as he greets the other heroes. Standing in a circle, they place their respective symbol firmly into the ground. The symbols merge and form the great tree Jenedricht. The last hero smiles to his friends as he speaks, “Let us meet again in life to come…but first, let us bring light to such a beautiful world, so all may appreciate our gifts…” He placed his hand out as the others grasped it, all blurring into dust. As they dissintegrated, a whisper could be heard, “I promise to find you…” coming from each of their lips as they flew to the heavens, bursting the clouds as the sun rained upon the earth. The moon and stars shining brightly all at once as the world shifted into its final form.

This is how a world started, a world that was great with intention and hope.

Many beings of power were left in the wake of the Ten, to control such a world and its inhabitants.

None remember the Ten, but their gift remains…a mystery to the world why they left such beauty to the hands of others.

Herrish's Story

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