Group Texture Pack

This is the texture pack that everyone on the server should be using. We’re doing this so that the visuals for weapons, items, are the same for everyone on the server. For example, the bow is a wand and arrows are fireballs once you fire cast them. They’re going to be referred to as such IC, and the visual is intended to reinforce this.

While portions of the texture pack are going to be standardized, you can request some small customization. Ask KittyCrescent about getting a custom pack. Obviously, we can’t stop you any alterations are subject to Kaya and/or Kitty’s approval.

Group Texture Pack v5.8

Standard Textures

OBJECT Herrish Texture
Bow / Wand
Arrows / Fireballs

Feel free to add items and screenshots to the table… or correct any wildly inaccurate information on this page.


Group Texture Pack

Herrish Campaign Lucart