ShadowKitty Crescent

Mage and Holy Magic Caster


Name: ShadowKitty Crescent
Age: 20
Race: Angelic Neko
Class: Mage/Priestess
Weapons of choice: Staff and spells

Strong stats:

  • magic/spirit
  • Stamina
  • Agility

Weak stats:

  • Defense
  • Strength
  • Speed


Mrs. ShadowKitty Crescent is an inspiring young magic user, studying in both the holy, angelical artes, as well as the more natural black magics of the black mages. She travels the world, in search of helping others and learning more and more about her skills and the world. She learned many an Earth and light spell, when she visited an old town, assisting a strange, old mining man.

ShadowKitty Crescent

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