Kayakou Krennik

Roaming Bard & Lone Hunter


Race: Avian
Age: 20 Human, 126 Avian
Class: Ranger
Weapons of Choice: Longswords and Bows

Strong Stats:

Weak Stats:

Concept Art:


His past is long, and very unknown. The only thing people seem to know about him, is the destruction that seems to follow in his wake.

He tells tales…tales of a magician who surpassed many others. One who lost his power, when the God of Arcane Magic stripped it from him, fearing the resistance of a man with such power. He usually tends to draw attention away from the story once people question as to who would be so powerful as to strike fear into the Arcane God, Xoric. It’s odd that he also seems to know much about magic, but never uses it.

The only leak of his past, seems to be when he cries out in his nightmares. He shouts for the Goddess of Life, Junra. It seems that they had a history. What was in that history, is still a well kept secret, even in his dreams.

Kayakou Krennik

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