The Goddess of Life


Long ago, she was but a mere mortal. She was a mother, and a priestess of the local temple to the diety of light. Her children had been both skilled in magic. One, the daughter, was truly gifted in white magic. Where-as, the son, had arcanic magic that frightened even the elders. her son, being so gifted, had been targeted and demonized by the very arts he used. He was banished from the city, and his magic sealed. Junra’s daughter, had gone with him, to be sure that he would be safe. Along their journies together, the daughter had been kidnapped and taken from her brother. Junra could not leave the city do to her position of priestess, but had fallen from her place, and took on a feeble form in order to search for her daughter, and guide her son.

Years later, when the daughter had been revealed to be kidnapped by an evil force too great for even the gods to stop, she had nearly given up. Xoric had approached her, offering his contract of power for her to watch over champions who would face this man of evil. She had accepted not knowing who these champions were.

She has been given the task to watch over the champions, give them life and ensure their safety in the adventure. Her power is not absolute, and can not save the adventurers without loss. Their experience in battle, their very skill, is taken from them each death.


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